Adriana La Cerva: UK High Quality Replica Cartier Tank Française

Adriana, also known as Ade, was the young, stylish ‘it’ girl of the Sopranos mob wives. Unlike Carmella, Adriana’s look is younger and unapologetically embraces her sex appeal. You could always be sure to see Ade with voluminous curls, big gold hoops, long red nails, curve-hugging low-rider pants and a black or animal print top. But in essence, her aesthetic was all about utter confidence.

It wasn’t until season four that we’d spot Adriana with a glittery, golden 1:1 replica Cartier Tank Française on her wrist. Most definitely borrowed from her boyfriend and later fiance Chrissy – Tony Soprano’s nephew and heir-apparent to the ‘family business’ – this perfect fake Cartier UK was her ultimate status symbol as an aspiring mob wife. First introduced in 1996, the top super clone CartierTank Française was a very fitting watch for the time, too. I could see Christopher wanting the best new thing, and not stopping there, but going for the 18k gold version with a diamond inlaid case.

Get Ade’s look: Another timeless classic, you too can get your hands on the same watch as Adriana. Well, essentially. In 2023 aaa quality replica Cartier UK updated the Française with a slightly larger case; more brushed, satin finishes than polished; and a champagne dial instead of a white one. But they’re still making this watch in all 18k gold and with a diamond-encrusted case. Pair this with some big gold hoops and you’re good to go to the mall, club or tennis court.

What I think Ade would wear today: There’s no doubt in my mind that Ade would be wearing a Bulgari Serpenti. A symbol of power and seduction and a nod to her Italian heritage, this iconic Swiss movement copy Cartier matches her style and swagger perfectly. But, while I’m decided on the fact that she’d wear a Serpenti Tubogas double spiral – because it’s just more dramatic – I’m a little more hesitant over whether she’d go for the 18k rose gold version with a black face, or the 18k yellow gold with a white face. My intuition tells me that even though she has more yellow gold jewellery, she’d just love the contrast of the dark face, so let’s go with that. The opposite of subtle, the Serpenti is completely indulgent, wonderfully elegant and utterly bold. And while it’s not exactly practical like the Datejust, the bracelet is flexible and comfortable thanks to its tubular litheness. For those who need more convincing, rest assured that no matter how long the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ lasts, this enduring, 76-year-old high quality fake Cartier UK design will be a classic in your collection.