UK Swiss Made Replica Cartier ‘Bamboo’ Sold For CHF 50,000 And Cartier London ‘Dice’ Sold For CHF 138,600

Why This Makes Sense: Quirky and cool Cartier fake for sale is still hot. While the market for the original cool Cartier, the Crash, has settled down, collectors are searching out even more obscure shapes from the original shape-shifter.

First, a perfect replica Cartier “Dice” from Cartier London’s golden years sold for CHF 138,600. Not bad, considering the same watch sold for just $7,500 in 2014. Maybe four or five of these “Dice” watches have ever appeared, so it makes sense it’d sell for six figures. After all, that makes it about as rare as a London Pebble, and we know how much those are now. Even better, the Dice has a tiny Jaeger-LeCoultre automatic movement inside; most 1:1 fake Cartier London watches are manually wound.

Meanwhile, a Swiss made replica Cartier Coussin “Bamboo” sold for CHF 50,000 at Antiqorum, also way above its estimate.

“I don’t know production numbers, but I know [the Coussin] is rarer than a Crash,” says dealer and TikToker Mike Nouveau. He added that aaa quality fake Cartier UK may have produced as little as a few hundred in yellow gold. In September, he documented buying one for his own collection for $12,750.

Before that, an example had sold at Hindman here in Chicago for $34k, so it’s not totally unexpected that a larger house would sell a Coussin for more than $50k (Antiquorum’s estimate was always low). Further, I know the dealer who bought the Bamboo at Antiquorum, and while he buys with passion in mind, he’s typically quite reasonable and measured with his bidding.

Why This Makes No Sense: Both of these high quality replica Cartiers feel like they’re a little too obscure to have the widespread appeal of a Tank, Crash, or even a Baignoire.

“I don’t think you see that many wild variations of the Tank,” Nouveau said of the Bamboo. “This one’s pretty out of left field.” The Bamboo isn’t a particularly historic or iconic design from Cartier super clone for sale UK, and it’s too obscure to become really popular like a Crash, Tank, or even a Baignoire.

Meanwhile, there are only a handful of examples of the Dice, and while best quality fake Cartier London remains red hot thanks in large part to the Crash, this isn’t even a shaped watch, really. It’s a square watch with a cool dial and a pretty small one at that. Still, it’s a watch I’ve been enamored with since first seeing one posted more than two years ago.

That said, it only takes two bidders – not widespread appeal – to have a big auction result. These weren’t the only top quality fake Cartiers UK to grab attention over the weekend: a simple Swiss movement copy Cartier-signed Calatrava sold for almost $300k at Phillips. Sure, Rich even wrote that this exact watch would “fly by” its estimate, but no one expected this.