The Basculante Was The First All-Steel 1:1 Fake Cartier Tank

When perfect replica Cartier brought the Tank Basculante back to its standard production line in 1999, it was also the first time it produced a Tank model in all steel (the best quality copy Cartier Tank Française wasn’t yet offered in steel-only at this point).

While it might get hate in some stuffier corners, I love the democratization of the luxury fake Cartier Tank design and don’t think it devalues the model at all. It started with the AAA quality replica Cartier Tank Must in the 1980s and continues today with the Tank Solo and the recently-revived Tank Must. From about $2,000 to nearly $500,000, there’s a Tank for everyone. Besides, for big-time Basculante lovers, those harder-to-find CPCP models were being made.

Swiss made fake Cartier produced the steel mechanical Tank Basculante reference 2390 from the late ’90s through about 2006. It had the same dimensions as those gold special editions and was powered by the same caliber MC 060. Alongside the mechanical versions, Cartier super clone for sale also introduced the quartz Basculante ref. 2405. There are also a few special edition 2390s worth noting:

Paris Boutique Edition: On the front, this high quality fake Cartier Tank Basculante looks the same as the standard 2390. But flipping it over reveals a slightly open caseback. Collectors believe this special edition was only offered through Swiss movement replica Cartier’s Paris boutique.
Millennium Edition: This limited edition of 365 produced from 1999 through 2001 swaps the typical XII Roman numeral for “MM,” and has the years 1999/2000/2001 engraved on the caseback.
Australian Federation LE: Just for fun, I thought it’s worth mentioning this cheap super clone Cartier Basculante LE made in just 26 pieces to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Australian Federation. It’s got a cool blue dial with stars arranged in the Southern Cross, also seen on the Australian Flag.