UK Swiss Made Cartier Men’s Replica Watches

We are covering men’s watches here. We realize that this excludes many of perfect replica Cartier’s greatest creations, as their watches for women are often dazzling examples of mechanical prowess and, of course, gorgeously set jewels. But luxury Cartier fake watches have been unisex since before that was even a term, with the Santos and Tank challenging contemporary attitudes and leading the horological gender fluidity movement a full century before the conversation took a turn in that direction.

Fake Santos de Cartier
Arguably the first ground-up wristwatch ever produced, the 1:1 replica Cartier Santos remains one of Cartier’s most popular models. Features include the beautifully screwed-down square bezel, the stylish rectangle case and the shapely lugs (which tormented Louis Cartier and resulted in the Tank). Today you can find both quartz and mechanical aaa quality fake watches. (The two models we’ve highlighted below represent the Santos perfectly.)

Replica Cartier Santos
Though Roman numerals have a dressy vibe, this is essentially the brand’s sport watch, offering tons of wrist presence. Note that, just like some of the earliest models, high quality replica Cartier UK includes rivets in its bezel — long preceding the likes of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak with its bezel screws.